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With almost 9500 warmblood mares and 9000 ponies or Haflinger mares, the Association Deutsches Sportpferd (formerly Süddeutsche Pferdezuchtverbände) is the largest breeders‘ association in Germany. In 1990, the breeding associations in the south founded the Arbeitsgemeinschaft in order to organize joint championships, foal shows and trade fair appearances.

In 2003, the AG organized a joint warmblood licensing for the first time, the Süddeutsche Hengsttage (South German Stallion Days) at the Olympia equestrian center in Munich-Riem. One year later, the warm­blood associations founded the Süddeutsche Pferdezuchtverbände Vermarktungs GmbH to carry out vari­ous marketing activities. The GmbH, as well as the AG, have their headquarters in Leutershausen, Bavaria.

The five warmblood associations (Bavarian Horse Breeders‘ Association, Brandenburg-Anhalt Horse Breeders‘ Association, Baden-Württemberg Horse Breeders‘ Association, Rhineland-Palatinate-Saar Horse Breeders‘ Association and Saxony-Thuringia Horse Breeders‘ Association) set a milestone in 2014 when they decided to jointly manage the studbook of the German Sporthorse (DSP). However, as before, in independent associa­tions to ensure regional support for breeders.

The youngest German horse breed, the German Sporthorse, has already been bred since 2003 in the Bran­denburg-Anhalt and Saxony-Thuringia breeding associations. With this breed, respectively the brand DSP, a new standing on the international stage of horse breeding has been created. The winning of the gold medal by DSP Alice and Simone Blum at the World Championships in Tryon 2018 meant the international sporting breakthrough. A worldwide hero for DSP is, or was, the elite DSP stallion Quaterback, who was surprisingly received in 2021. Born in 2003, the dark chestnut was a sought-after sire worldwide and is currently ranked 5th in the WBSFH sire ranking of the world‘s best dressage stallions!


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